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EXCEL Residential Services, Inc., is a full service property management company in Southern California established in 2001 and specializes in multi-family real estate.

EXCEL Residential Services, Inc., consist of highly motivated team of talented individuals with diverse skills and property management experience for over 50 years. This gives us an edge with market specific expertise in a complex and evolving real estate landscape. We are experts at turning around underperformning properties and accustomed to managing to maximize capital means, which is more important than ever in today's struggling economy. EXCEL Residential Services, Inc., recognize that each property is unique and customize our service to fit your specific needs. Our expertise and result-driven analysis result in eliminating the burdens that property owners face everyday in an efficient and effective manner.

A unique style of managing asset portfolio. Before we underlay our strategic policy to manage the whole portfolio, we need to understand the core assets. We will look for the following facts and figures and evaluate the portfolio.

Our Approach:
  • Location and size of the property
  • Evaluate capital expenditure needed for the job at hand
  • Evaluate how many people required to complete the task
  • Provide a marketing plan
  • Provide vendor requirements
  • Review current financial for cost saving opportunity
  • Apartment Management
  • Financial Management of Property
  • Maintenance Management
  • General Administration
  • Property Turn Around
  • Marketing
  • Rehab Projects